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As you can see, design does not always been related to luxury.  Sometimes with things that many people has considered as garbage,  a designer thinks the opposite: This things are extraordinary materials!.  Here, for example, I show you three examples of chairs, all of them made by recycled pieces from the beverage industry. 

First, we got the SIE43 Chair by Pawel Grunert.  The chair is made from PET bottles with a stainless steel frame. The bottles can be easily changed if they show signs of damage.  It was exhibited at the Colombari Gallery in Milan, Italy.  More pictures and details of this chair can be found on Contemporist.

With light on it, I think this chair is very cool.  I imagine it can work on the lounge of a discotheque, don't you think?  Let's have a drink seating on this bottle chair.  Sound great for me.


Here we have a very interesting design proposal.  It's made with a lot of drinking straws, 10.000 to be precise.  A design by Scott Jarvie, who had his inspiration on the xylem of the trees.  I found "The Clutch Chair" on Design Milk.

I would like to test this chair on a pool… What do you think, it floats or it sinks?


What to do with all of those corks that bottles of wine and champagne includes?.  Let´s make a confortable seat! That's probably thought Gabriel Wiese, the designer of  this original cork chair.  It seems to be very warm and flexible, just for a relaxed posture on a rustic ambient.  Don't know you, but I think this design is perfect for a cabin, with a fire place.

If you want to see more examples of recycle chairs, check this link.

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  1. Joost west

    Sep 3, 2009 at 1:54 pm

    I realy like this gradle to gradle design!

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