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As a renter I'm constantly on the lookout for ways to make my walls a little less bland. Without the luxury of simply applying paint or wallpaper, one would think my options are limited, but with a few adhesive hooks and a passion for art, it doesn't take much to transform a room.

My latest fixation (excuse the pun) is the astounding paper cut artwork of Peter Callesan. His subject matter varies widely from beautifully crafted Gondry-esque castles to morbidly fascinating skeletal portraits, all the way through to flora, fauna, romance and fairy tales. Paper cuts that at first appear to be stark and simple are in fact intricate, detailed explorations of not only paper, but mortality, irony and humour.

[Alive, But Dead, 2006]

[Detail – Alive, But Dead, 2006]

[Detail – Alive, But Dead, 2006]

[Broken Flowers, 2007]

[Detail – Broken Flowers, 2007]

[Fall, 2006]

[Detail – Fall, 2006]

[The Core of Everything, 2006]

[Detail – The Core of Everything, 2006]

And not one to pass up a good fairy tale reference, there's even an A4 homage to Han Christian Andersen's tale of The Steadfast Tin Soldier, in which the soldier falls in love with a paper ballerina who lives in the paper castle.

[The Impossible Meeting, 2005]

[Detail – The Impossible Meeting, 2005]

Callesan has the rare ability to tell stories on paper without writing a single word. The fact that he does so with dry wit and beautiful craftmanship is all the more reason to admire his work.
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