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This infographic from Deliver Magazine is an awesome representation of what's in our mailstream. The data is from 2007, pre-Netflix boom, which explains why there aren't a bunch of Netflix goodies in there!

Marketers are really good at understanding what makes a mail piece stand out, but it’s not always clear what that piece needs to stand out against. What does the rest of the consumer mailstream look like? As your target customers rifle through their daily mail, what other pieces are they likely to encounter as they consider, open and discard their way through their mail piles? To find out, we waded into the two biggest tributaries to the U.S. mailstream — First-Class Mail® and Standard Mail™ & Periodicals — to get a better idea of what American households were getting in their box. Here’s what we learned. (NOTE: All data is from 2007, the year for which the most recent figures for mail to U.S. households are available.)


Illustrated by Jude Buffum – whose site is chock full of kick-ass illustrated infographics!



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