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Has anyone else found themselves lusting over an impressive felt item lately? 

I know you must all be dying to know how felt is actually made (I know I was!) so hop on over to Wiki and have a read-through before checking out the items below. Designers and craft-junkies alike have taken an old and overlooked textile and started churning out modern solutions in sophisticated neutrals and vibrant hues! 

Rose & Radish


100% Merino Wool coasters (sold in sets of 4) $12 
Also check out their placemats and table runners! Yummy colors!

Rose & Radish




Gorgeous, modern, industrial felt coasters. Simple & oh so sweet. In my opinion, the perfect complement to a sleek & clean-cut wood or metal table. $14 for a set.

GirlsCanTell on Etsy



Maharam has developed a method of combining several layers of felt with embroidery to create a beautiful collection, aptly name "Layers". Each pattern bursts with dimension and "let-me-touch-it!" goodness. 

Imagine reupholstering your favorite chair in one of these. 

Kvadrat by Maharam
Upholstery textile collection designed by Hella Jongerius 




These are pure felt perfection. The story behind the creation of these is interesting in its own way too! They are 100% solid wool and sold in sets of 6, hand selected rocks. ($240 at MinNewYork) You even get one cut in half so you can see a little bit of the ultra-cool process!


EDIT: Please check out the Felt Studio as well for some awesome felt installations!

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  1. lesley [smidgebox designs]

    Aug 3, 2009 at 9:24 pm

    i am a wee bit obsessed with felt. love it! hadn’t seen those rocks before, they’re gorgeous. thanks for the links.

  2. Sarah Anne

    Aug 5, 2009 at 6:14 am

    Also check out Molo’s Softwall product!

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