Chalkboard out, Whiteboard IN!

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While the whole chalkboard/wall trend will always stay near and dear to my heart, the folks at IdeaPaint have really caught my eye. Maybe this would be easier to clean up if you have children that like to write on white walls. With a several different colors to choose from and both professional and consumer durability options,  I can see endless possibilities within retail, corporate or healthcare environments!!





There is no wood, vinyl, steel, resin or aluminum in their product. It's just paint. IdeaPaint is even formaldehyde-free!

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  1. Scott Newman

    Aug 17, 2009 at 4:37 am

    IdeaPaint is honestly a terrific product. I like the blog posting. I’m actually the owner of US Markerboard, a proud distributor of IdeaPaint. Where we’ve found the greatest success is in schools that just don’t have the funds to purchase new whiteboards. IdeaPaint is a simple, eco-friendly, as well as economically friendly solution to converting old chalkboards to new whiteboards.

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