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Daily Archives: August 13, 2009

The design of Yar Rassadin

Categories: Modern Decor + Objects
The design of Yar Rassadin

This is a tiny exhibition of the design work of Yar Rassadin, a designer from Russia.  I discover his interesting products on designboom site.  He takes things previously designed and likes to make a new version of it.  Here we got:1) 'TIN' lamp houses the lampshade inside the lightbulb.  Lamp — Continue reading

Sou Fujimoto’s Wooden House

Categories: Architecture + Interiors, Sustainability
Sou Fujimoto's Wooden House

Although it may not be the perfect house, it beats any tree house I ever had! "There are no categorization of floors, walls, and ceilings here. A locality that was thought as a floor transforms into chairs, ceilings, and walls from different perspectives. Floor levels are relative and people reinterpret — Continue reading