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Daily Archives: July 23, 2009

New from Paper Cloud!

Categories: Modern Decor + Objects, Sustainability
New from Paper Cloud!

New from Paper Cloud! Paper Cloud makes art to share for you, your home, your family and your friends. Their quirky designs are meant to be shared and enjoyed, and not taken too seriously. And everything they make is hand printed and handmade in their studio, making each piece unique. — Continue reading

A tile with a hook… what a great idea!

Categories: Modern Decor + Objects
A tile with a hook... what a great idea!

I want this idea to be available not just on white ceramic, every type of tile needs a Rhinoceros.   What a simple and functional idea, I love it!… “White Rhinoceros” is the official name of this product, designed by Vadim Kibardin. If you started to want it, I'm afraid — Continue reading

The Ribbon Stairs… A dangerous beauty

Categories: Architecture + Interiors
The Ribbon Stairs... A dangerous beauty

In my opinion some conceptual projects just need to stay as an idea.  We can surprise our selves with a fabulous idea, because is so different and innovative, just like this stair named Ribbon.  This project was created by HSH Architects (Petr Hájek, Tomáš Hradečný and Jan Šépka) from Czech — Continue reading

Chandelier / Showerhead

Categories: Modern Decor + Objects
Chandelier / Showerhead

Tannan Winter Design gives elegance and ambiance to any bathroom with a completely functional showerhead that sits over any pedestal tub. Inspired by the  statue of Aphrodite and designed for a victorian style bathroom.