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Win a dVider Wall Sticker – It’s Easy!

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A contest from 2Modern – win a dVider Wall StickerTo win, view and comment on our Wall Sticker Collection. One winner will be chosen. Remember to use either your blogger login or first name and last name so that we can identify you if you win. We will post the winner's name with instructions for collecting your prize, please check back Aug 1, 2009 to see if you won!

Giveaway ends Aug 1, 2009 at midnight PST (and sorry, prizes can only be sent to locations in the US). Good Luck!

Enjoy,  2Modern.

22 Comments to "Win a dVider Wall Sticker – It’s Easy!"

  1. these stickers are such an easy way to revamp a room!.

  2. nice selection of wall stickers – especially love fern living!

  3. What a wonderful concept – I never would have thought of doing this in my home, but it seems to fit perfectly!

  4. These are a great way to personalize a room!

  5. These stickers are just the thing to add drama (or humor) to a room. The trouble is, I can’t decide! I think I’ll take another scroll through…

  6. so many cute ones! even if i don’t win…i’m totally buying some for our nre house. :)

  7. I love the “Twenty2 – Seymour Wallbands”.
    What a great selection!
    -Micah Schmidt

  8. They’re all so cute and I love how there’s a variety of color options. :D

  9. I love these wall stickers, they are beautiful!

  10. I am very glad to see these lovley and beautiful detail.

  11. Creative, fun, unique, and inspiring! I work at a high school where the mascot is a Pirate. Would love to see the Pirate in a purple (our school color). I would put them all around my desk in the office!

  12. great find, this flower is just bursting …blooming….beautiful!

  13. I love the Waterworld stickers and I am thrilled that they are available in blue!

  14. Fly on the wall……..on the ceiling!

  15. I want these for walls, furniture and kitchen cupboards..

  16. So many fantastic designs, a great way to customize a child’s room, an apartment, an office and not be locked into a commitment. And with an affordable price point go ahead and change your mind – because you con!

  17. I have been painting rooms with designs and now I can cut my work time! These also give people flexibilty to change a room more often! Thanks for all the selections!

  18. What a great way to quickly add visual impact without the time commitment of redoing a whole room.

  19. oooo i love the grass, gun, and tree branch ones! I am dying to try them out!

  20. Who won this contest? I checked back and no winner that I have seen?

  21. Such a cool contest. I think you should have another wall sticker give away. I didn’t see this one until too late! :) Wall stickers are my favorite way to decorate!

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