Ceiling Pendant Lamps

Modern Decor

I like the shape of a nude light bulb, really… I think is beautiful to see an spheric piece of glass shining.  But, when we decide to dress that bulb with the appropriate lamp, sometimes we can reach something extraordinary.

Here are three examples of beautiful pendant lamps, that will transform any place in a magic one:

7Gods… believe me, you got to visit their site and watch all the lighting items that they have. 

Criss Cross Nelson Lamps.  So simple, so white, so nice ;)

Lujan+Sicilia.  This grand light structures are just like an sculpture pending from ceiling.  Wait to see the rest of the collection of this design studio… I mean, wait if you can.

The credits…
n°1 via Oh Joy!
n°2 via Design Milk
n°3 via Evoluz

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