If Signage Could Play Lawn Bowls…

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When old signage and logos have passed their Use By date, the poor little guys don't have many options. They can either go into storage to gather dust eternally, never to be glanced at again, or more likely, they face immediate destruction. That's not how you treat an object that has worked hard for years, possibly decades on end!

So instead of sending them to the proverbial glue factory, Character have concocted a third option. Lead by Aleksi Hautamäki, Character are salvaging retired signage and giving them a new lease on life, one letter at a time.





The Character team dismantle the letters, then give them a good clean and a brand new outfit – new transformers, LED lights and power cords. It's the Extreme Makeover of the signage world.

Not only are the results a feast for the eyes (especially for typophiles like myself!), but the environment benefits from a little less landfill too.

“Sustainability of this product is not superimposed, but in the very
essence of it. The second life cycle creates new value for everybody
involved, the sign maker, the producer, the retailer and the customer.”
– Aleksi Hautamäki

What better way to thank these hard working little letters than taking them away from the hustle bustle of the roadside and welcoming them into your quiet, toasty warm house?! And better yet, they come complete with their diligent work ethic – the reinstalled LEDs have a life span of 30,000 hours, which means that
if you leave them on for 8 hours a day, they'll keep working away for at least another 10 years. Everyone wins!


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