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I'm convinced that when us mere humans turn our back or give in to sleep, furniture does indeed have a life of its own. (Please refer to Exhibit A and Exhibit B.) Further compelling evidence of this theory comes to us from Istanbul,  Turkey, where chairs have been seen frolicking by the seaside and loitering in alleys. Some chairs even posed for the camera, obviously enjoying the spotlight and unafraid of human contact.

Face Chair by Bora Cakilkaya01

Face Chair by Bora Cakilkaya02

Face Chair by Bora Cakilkaya04

Face Chair by Bora Cakilkaya05

Face Chair by Bora Cakilkaya06

These tame creatures have been identified as 'Face' chairs by Bora Çakılkaya, an expert in this particular chair species, and some would say its mastermind. Bora is a designer and partner of Istanbul-based design firm p-arch, where it is believed that the Face chairs were first created in scenes reminiscent of Frankenstein.*

The Face chairs seem to be perfectly at ease around humans, however potential owners should be aware that the chairs may be prone to midnight shenanigans, and have been known to stumble back into their houses in the early hours of the morning, wearing oversized sunglasses and clutching desperately to a very large coffee. Aside from these occasional indiscretions, Face chairs are generally jovial creatures who can adapt to most living environments.

*No chairs were harmed in the production of this article.

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    May 10, 2009 at 2:46 pm

    Very nice chairs! A fresh impression and a great idea. Thanks for posting.

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