olive’s modern cat home.

Modern Decor

If you've ever owned a cat you know that they're quite persnickety. If you buy them a special scratching pad, rest assured they'll ignore it and choose to destroy your favorite chair instead. Place a blanket on your couch to stop them from shedding directly on the upholstery, and they'll manage to claim the only spot that remains uncovered as their own. Yet somehow, this just adds to their charm. Which brings me to Leo Kempf's modern cat house, created specially for his furry friend Olive, it's representative of the extent we will go to please our pets.


Mr. Kempf, who is a designer living in the mountains of Arkansas, made Olive her own modern kitty home, incorporating a porch made of cardboard (a feline favorite), a hidden entrance, a sheepskin rug, and his wife even made some paintings for the interior wall space. And should the modern home ever need repair, both the plexiglass front and top panel are removeable.Whew! Olive is one lucky cat (she's got a really cute name, too!).  Now my only question is, when and where can I buy one?

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