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Brothers Dressler at Koma Design Collective

Categories: Modern Decor + Objects, Sustainability

Brothers Dresseler are twin woodworkers Jason and Lars Dressler. They build furniture and other objects with a respect for material, process and craftsmanship and are always looking for opportunities to repurpose and upcycle salvaged objects. They produce all their custom work out of their woodshop in Toronto, Canada.

Brothers Dressler will be a part of the Koma Designs Collective exhibition by Jamie Cheveldeyoff. Jamie is supporting local designers and artists by inviting them to showcase their work in his beautiful space. Currently focusing on recent creations using salvaged and repurposed materials, the work at Koma will be a continuously evolving display.




3 Comments to "Brothers Dressler at Koma Design Collective"

  1. The lounge chair, ottoman and rocker are simply amazing. It’s like a George Nelson Bench got put into a brake press and was wrangled into an organic curvy fabulousity. Wow.

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  3. The Design of the chairs are simply super. what a great design.

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