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Motifo: The perfect gift to that boring fridge

Categories: Modern Decor + Objects


If you have a white or a silver fridge, there is nothing surprising about it.  But, you still have a chance to change that.  Motifo bring us a product that promise transform a boring fridge into a very stylish one.  If you are interested, you will get a package with a lot of magnetic squares of different color.  Off course, you also will need to follow some instructions to get an impressive image like these examples:

Cool… Don't you think?

Via Design Milk.

4 Comments to "Motifo: The perfect gift to that boring fridge"

  1. great,but i do not have a bridge.

  2. That is the coolest thing I have seen in a while

  3. That is interesting. Are they removable. I don’t know if i would want a permanent design on there but if it were magnetic and could be changed, that would be a pretty cool marketing concept.

  4. That’s interesting. Silver fridges are surprisenly not magnetic, but I’d think this would look better on a black fridge.

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