Tropicalia: Take a seat on color

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The Tropicalia Chair is a design of Patricia Urquiola, an industrial designer from Spain, who works for Moroso.  Actually, you can find the model on their site.  The interesting thing about this chair are the strings that conform the body.  The way the different colors mixed in the shape is amazing.  And off course, that means that if you have a pair of tropicalias in your home, wow… that will be a very happy place.

Here some facts about this chair:  Base in stainless or varnished steel.   Seat made of string weave, available in 3 different materials (polymer , polyester HT and leather).

Well, Moroso also have Tropicalia in strings of a single color, like black and white… but, where is the tropical concept there?


Nice too certainly,  but I prefer the crazy one, full of color.  What do you think?

Via Cubeme.

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