Ode to New York City Cabs: VIPP 2009 Limited Edition Yellow Cab

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Gasoline powered taxis were introduced in New York in 1907 by young businessman Harry N. Allen. He was also the first to introduce the yellow color on taxis. He did this after learning that yellow is the colour easiest seen from a distance. In 1960 the city of New York decided that all taxis were to be painted yellow.

Today, New York is home to more than 13.000 yellow cabs. This number is known because a special license is required in order to own a yellow cab. The license was introduced in 1937 at a cost of 10 dollars. The license can be sold on by the owner, and the major taxi companies are willing to pay large sums for it. In 2007, the price of a license had risen to 600.000 dollars. 


 Vipp Yellow Cab group  

 With the new series from Vipp, Scandinavian minimalism meets the big city pulse of New York.

Vipp Yellow Cab is a new interpretation of the classic Vipp universe that will bring new life to your bathroom and kitchen. A chic and dazzling spring colour giving you a little bite of The Big Apple.

Vipp Yellow Cab is available from February 1st 2009 and throughout the year in leading design stores. To find your nearest dealer, please go to vipp.com.

Vipp Family

The Vipp story – Danish design since 1939

Vipp is founded in 1939 by Holger Nielsen. Born in 1914 in the small Danish town of Randers, Holger trains as a metal spinner. 

Holger Nielsen makes the leap into business at the age of only 17 and almost by coincidence. It all begins one spring Sunday in May 1931 when he makes his usual visit to the local stadium to support his favorite football team. Fate has it that his ticket is drawn in a raffle, and he wins a car. Holger loves cars, but as he has no driver's license, he decides to sell the car and invest the money in a metal turning lathe.

This marks the birth of Holger Nielsen's metal factory where, a few years later, he produces the very product that will go on to bring him fame: the Vipp pedal bin.  


VIPP 1939   

The rest is history which can be found in depth at vipp.com.  Suffice to say that modern classic design is something that can never go out of style.  And with  just a few tweaks and color vision, Vipp brings its product into the 21st century with its Limited Edition Yellow Cab product launch.  Check for availability in stores April 2009.

Vipp Yellow Cab bathroom 

If yellow won't work for your color scheme, Vipp's product also comes in white and charcoal.

Vipp in White 

Vipp in Charcoal  

VIPP, in paying tribute to  New York City's Classic Yellow Cab, winds up being an homage to classic modern design at its best the world over. 

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