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This exposition is amazing! Imagine, the most beautiful sea creatures from the Great Barrier Reef, all made now in crochet.  All this huge artwork have an ecologic reason: Global worming.  Do you know that many sea species, like coral, are dieing because of this?  If we don't stop this serious problem now, soon we will have to forget about this incredible submarine world.


This exposition was designed and curated by Christine and Margaret Wertheim, Co-Directors of The Institute For Figuring (TheIFF).  All the crochet work are a great testimony of feminine handicraft in our times.

If you want to see this exposition, there still are a few days, because it starts on january and will end at february 21, 2009.  Where? Track 16 gallery, Santa Monica, USA

Via Ray of light.

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  1. logo design guru

    Feb 20, 2009 at 9:15 am

    wow, that is interesting. It looks like it would take forever to make all that. You would have to be good and have fast fingers. Very beautiful and impressive.

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