ingrid bathe porcelain ceramics.

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Ingrid Bathe’s porcelain ceramics are exquisite. She crafts each piece by hand using
porcelain paperclay — it contains cotton fiber creating a visible texture —
and then glazes only the interior side of the piece, leaving the outer
layer unglazed. The result is a delicate translucent vessel with a
light bluish tint and where glazed, a light blue sheen. By using such a
fragile material, the artist intends her work "to provoke a heightened
awareness and sensitivity on the part of the viewer."




My fiance and I recently received Ms. Bathe’s salt and pepper dish (above) as an engagement present and were really wowed. The translucent dish is accompanied by two tiny spoons that very much resemble small bones — probably the most fragile thing I’ve ever held in my hands. And being that I’m quite a clumsy person,  I made sure to place it in a very secure spot. I suppose you could use the salt and pepper dish every day, but I much prefer to use it when entertaining guests, I don’t want to push my luck.

To view more of Ms. Bathe’s work, check out her Web site, here.

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  1. Najeeb

    Jan 16, 2009 at 8:08 am

    Very stylish salt and pepper dish.

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