How to teach your children to choose and eat healthy food?

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"The health of youth in the United States is now negatively affected by dangerous eating habits that may eventually lead to obesity. Vending Machines are one of the “easiest” and most convenient ways for children to access snacks, frequently junk food, in schools."… I guess you know about that, maybe if your reading this, you also have this problem at home with your kids: Healthy food is boring and bad food is yummy.  Well why it have to be like that.  Take a look to the clever idea of the designer Irina Ivanova, who create an special packaging for delicious healthy snacks, that will capture the attention of the children.



She also create a system to sell and promote the units.  A machine that will contain the fresh food until the moment that a young consumer insert his/her special card to get in a very easy way whatever he or she wants to eat.  Vitameal5

Design did it again.  Congratulations Irina for your Vitameal project.  Soon all the schools will ask for this nice machines.

Via TheDieline.

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