Does Modern Have a Color? Color Forecast 2009!

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Each year the Color Marketing Group convenes a 1,000 members for the single task of forecasting the hues that will color everything from carpet to cosmetics in the upcoming year. Solutia, manufacturer of Ultron nylon fibers (one of the members of this exclusive group) has just released it’s take on this years palette!

The colors are natural and ethnically inspired. They invoke a sense of stability and familiarity, reflecting a consumer preference for getting back to basics. Shades are earthy, darker and more complex – with names like tealeaf, walnut, turmeric and mulberry. 

Cochineal_for_blog Basil Smalltea  Agave

Rich deep reds like cochineal and madder complement muted greens such as basil, nettle and agave.

Mica2 Fjord2 Lead Indigo 

Sleek grays like lead & mica and stunning blues (the rarest color in nature) like fjord and indigo cool the palette.

Lichen Redcabbage Tumeric Madder 

Purples in shades like lichen, mulberry and red cabbage provide the unexpected punch this year. Accent colors are global – turmeric of India, turquoise of Turkey and red of China.

(photos: flickr.com)

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