SWAROVSKI “Cristal Vision” Design Contest’s results

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Do you remember when I post about the SWAROVSKI Design Contest that Designboom organize?  Well, I didn’t notice until a few days that we have a winner!  The picture on the top is the winner of the n°1 prize, a beautiful and luxury mouse designed by jeremy doherty + simon doherty + dareen doherty from New Zealand.  You can watch another pictures here.

The contest got 4074 creative participants, from all around the world.  If you want to watch all the winners visit the page of the contest on designboom, or buy the swarovski crystal vision book at the site for $15 USD (plus shipping cost).


I also love this project, designed by nicolas buforn  from Argentina.  Is a lightmobile for babies, that only need a sigle led to bright and give the best Swarovski light effect to the walls.  So nice!


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