How Judith Seng Marries Flaws with Perfection

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I want to introduce Judith Seng, a Berlin-based designer. Judith studied at Berlin’s University of Arts and is a risk taker. Objects in Seng’s diverse portfolio reflect a negotiation between flaws and perfection.  Glassblowers transform undesirable air bubbles into decorative elements on drinking glasses. How fascinating!


Hide and Show
Clothing framework


Each bowl is a negative, 3-dimensional imprint of the individual finger. To
    consciously give somebody one’s personal fingerprint is a matter of
    trust and empathy. Transformed into a gift, it is mirroring a political issue
    in an aesthetic gesture.


Starlette Christmas Ornament
Each of these hand-engraved glass balls is uniquely decorated. The concept
    is based on the formation of uncontrollable bubbles, a frequent mistake arising
    in the glass production process. Thus the decor never repeats itself. Each
    time it is newly defined by the craftsman using our ‘program’
    of established design parameters. According to the bubbles found in the balls,
    the craftsman can choose between three programs: ‘One Star’, ‘Two
    Stars’ and ‘Olives’
    The design was developed during an ongoing research residency aiming at redefining
    traditional glass decoration techniques at the glass research center CIAV
    Meisenthal in France.


Textile Chandelier
The chandelier was exhibited in the New National Gallery of Berlin shop in
    2007 during the exhibition ‘Die schönsten Franzosen kommen aus
    New York’, as well as at the Museum der Dinge in Berlin.
You can view more of Judith’s work on www.judithseng.de
Judith Seng via ID Magazine.

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