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While many blogs this year are probably reminding you over and over again to keep things simple this holiday season, we thought we might give you a set of ways to to make sure that simplicity reigns in your household. And what better authority to come up with some simple ideas than the brilliant writers of Real Simple magazine? They recently published a list of different types of holiday wrapping. You know, so you don’t have to spend tons of time and money on fancy “real” wrapping paper and ribbon. Besides, recession-chic is all the rage these days, and you’ll actually be trendy if you decide to reuse these items as wrapping. Not that that should be what’s important to you. Of course not. You should be delighted because you are recycling:

1) Wrap wine bottles with dish towels
Transforming a bottle of wine into a gift. Reality check: A crinkly Mylar bag makes a wine bottle look like it came from outer space, not from the heart. By wrapping a bottle in an attractive dish towel (or linen napkin, fabric remnant, or piece of craft-store felt) tied with a nice length of ribbon, you can turn the perfunctory hostess gift into a proper holiday — or any-day — present.”


2) Tie up kids’ presents with jump rope
“Tying up a child’s present. Jump-start a trend in the next round of kids’ parties.”

3) Tie up gifts with ponytail holders
“Sealing up gifts with a twist of the wrist. Your presents present well without your having to master the fine art of bow tying. Plus, this “bow” can be recycled to keep Heidi’s braids from unraveling.”


4) Wrap presents with newspaper
“One-of-a-kind wrapping paper. Leftover paper of all kinds — wallpaper, old maps, last week’s Sunday comics — begs to be recycled as gift wrap. You’ll see: Almost any mundane printed matter is transformed by a big, shiny ribbon. Use a copying machine’s enlarger function to make much of small things. Choose a dictionary definition to suit the occasion: love for Valentine’s Day, shamrock for Saint Patrick’s Day, ageless for an anxious friend’s birthday. Photocopy the page onto an 11-by-17-inch sheet of paper (if possible) at the highest magnification, repeat as needed to increase the word size, and squeeze in the choice part of the definition. When the boss catches you wasting paper and toner, offer to run off a set for her wedding anniversary.”

5) Greeting cards as gift tags
“Gift tags. Last year’s holiday and birthday cards may be too pretty to throw away, but they’re probably not meaningful enough to keep. Cut out hearts, flowers, or any other whimsical illustration from the card’s cover, avoiding handwritten notes on the opposite side, and stash them with your ribbons and wrapping paper.”


6) Use old calendar pages as gift wrap
“Gift wrapping. Personalize a birthday present by taking a page from that month and circling the special day.”

Disclaimer/credit: All information, most of the text and some photos were taken from the CNN.com/Real Simple article.

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