Community Art Makers- New Years Extravaganza!

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On New Year’s Eve, as a finale to the Austin, TX First Night parade,
artists Dave Umlas and Marrilee Ratcliffe are going to set a 34 foot tall, dual faced, functioning wooden clock ablaze.

"So often, "art" is the tangible thing produced, something placed on
a wall and revered or reviled. We’re trying to turn this perception on
its head a little. What we build is large and meant to create an impact
upon introduction, destruction and disappearance. Upon their
destruction, what is left are the skills we have garnered and the
relationships we’ve built, the community we have created – and that is
real art. We burn it so we can restore and build it again."

Throughout the day on December 31, participants are invited to
attach their New Years’ resolutions to an also functioning wooden chain
that will run the height of the clock until, at approximately 8:30
p.m., fountains of fireworks will fill the clock and then they’ll set it on fire! Check out their photo gallery at Community Art Makers






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