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A Space Created in Nature and of Nature

Categories: Architecture + Interiors, Local + Travel

When I think Spa I usually think of cedar wood steam rooms, neutral colors, and stacks of white towels. You can imagine how suprised I was to see this spa-like hotel in Austria. Known as Rogner’s Bad Blumau, this wellness spa and hotel is an architectural fantasy with colorful and amorphus shapes forming it’s city-like landscape.


Designed by the late Austrian artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser, his vision was to create "life in harmony and in harmony with nature." All I know is that he created a delicious box of treats for the eyes and other senses. More examples of his beautiful work can be found here.


Two of their thermal spa offerings.

Augenschlitzhaeuser  Arkaden_2
The Augenschlitzhäuser or "slit-eye" apartments and a detail of the Arcades.

A detail of Stammhaus or the main part of the hotel, which includes Reception and the administrative offices.

A typical room with an a-typical mosaic peeking out from the bathroom.

All images shown are from the Hotel’s own website.

2 Comments to "A Space Created in Nature and of Nature"

  1. thank you for sharing, it is really a masterpice…

  2. I’m so glad you featured this hotel! Hundertwasser was an amazing artist/architect and does not get nearly enough attention. This place looks like heaven!!! Thank you!

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