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Daily Archives: December 19, 2008

Heller Now on 2Modern.com!

Categories: Architecture + Interiors, Modern Decor + Objects
Heller Now on 2Modern.com!

Heller is now on 2Modern.com! For about 35 years, Heller has offered leading designers the opportunity to work with new technologies to create innovative products. Heller products are in design collections worldwide including the Museum of Modern Art, Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the Louvre Museum of Decorative Arts. From — Continue reading

The Institution of Unstable Thoughts

Categories: Art + Graphics

An old-fashioned turn table, a dozen old records, a pile of plastic toys, miscelleanous adhesives, and a bright strobe light. These are the elements that Olexander Gnilitsky and Lesja Zajac, members of the artist collective the Institution of Unstable Thoughts, transform into fantastic displays of stroboscopic animation that they perform — Continue reading

How Judith Seng Marries Flaws with Perfection

Categories: Modern Decor + Objects
How Judith Seng Marries Flaws with Perfection

I want to introduce Judith Seng, a Berlin-based designer. Judith studied at Berlin’s University of Arts and is a risk taker. Objects in Seng’s diverse portfolio reflect a negotiation between flaws and perfection.  Glassblowers transform undesirable air bubbles into decorative elements on drinking glasses. How fascinating! Hide and Show Clothing — Continue reading