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I thought this was pretty funny when I found it on a link to the Barbarian Group’s website. It appears that in an effort to spread the word about CNN programming, they are designing t-shirts with headlines on them.

In the 24 hours since CNN.com published its story calling the election for Obama, the site sold nearly 5,000 T-shirts emblazoned with “Obama inspires historic victory.” Under the headline is “I just saw it on CNN.com” and the time and date 11:04 p.m., 11-4-08.”


“The customized T-shirts are a new digital twist on the marking of historic occasions. Newspapers have seen huge spikes in demand for copies of the paper declaring Obama’s victory. CNN sites enjoyed a big influx of traffic on Election Day, drawing 12.8 million visitors on Tuesday, compared with 8.4 million the same day last week.”

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