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How to build a Thai temple with nothing but recycled bottles?

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The principal material used in the construction of this Thai temple was glass recycled bottles.  They start to collect it at 1984, and ones it was finished, the temple result solid as a rock, and off course, a big attraction for the tourists.

This temple is well known as “Wat Lan Kuad” or “Temple of Million Bottles”, but the true name of it is: Wat Pa Maha Chedio Kaew temple

As an extra hint, in the construction, it was used the estimated quantity of 1.5 million of recycled bottles.
Just imagine the big quantity of beer this monks had to drink to watch the temple finished…
Oh, I’m just kidding ;).

Via Core77.

3 Comments to "How to build a Thai temple with nothing but recycled bottles?"

  1. That is absolutely spectacular! It puts “99 bottles of beer on the wall” to shame.

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