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There’s a commercial airing on television right now that has a woman telling her husband she’s off to the store for Chrismas presents and has him asking in confusion "Didn’t we just carve pumpkins?" I think the point of the commercial is to show that Target has layaway, but the other message, the one that is subtly implying that we should be starting our search for Christmas presents is pretty clear. As we know, some people are very hard to shop far. We’ve gathered three great presents for a very specific type of person to help you whittle down that list of people you have to shop for: the mystery novel fan/design addict. Luckily for you, should you not know anyone with that combination of preferences, we think these gifts will win over anyone.


Ferm Living’s Finger Print Wall Sticker, $96


Imm Living’s Tap For Tea


Judith Seng’s Finger Bowl

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