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So simple you’d think someone would have thought of it before, and maybe they have after a fashion, but this seems to be a genuine technique that will at the very least revolutionize the classroom chalkboard if not childrens playrooms.  Office conference rooms will no doubt hop onto it if they find out that it’s cheaper to paint a wall than purchase new dry erase boards. 


NeoCon,  The National Exposition of Contract Furnishings, awarded the company, IdeaPaint, with their Best of Innovation award, as well as The Best of NeoCon Gold: Wall Treatments (their category), and finally Buildings Magazine awarded IdeaPaint their Grand Prize for Product Innovations in Unique Solutions after judging IdeaPaint on Flexibility, Aesthetics, Productivity and Performance.

Glowing terms much?


Since I consider myself something of a grand popah when it comes to dry erase boards I think I can recognize a new method of doing things….after all it was myself and a little company from Portugal, Bi-Casa, and ultimately a big company in the U.S., General Binding Corporation, who were responsible for bringing magnetic dry erase into homes and offices throughout the country and the rest of the world.  Big claim for such a little detail and yet a significant improvement to the whole notes on a wall thing.

Nonetheless, what makes this product, IdeaPaint, so remarkable, because we have in fact been drawing on walls for awhile, is that it erases like a dry erase board and you can use dry erase markers; in essence the wall is a giant dry erase board with the swipe of roller paintbrush and paint, IdeaPaint that is.

For a generation who was no doubt raised being allowed to draw on most of what it wanted without being punished (except maybe walls), even perhaps encouraged, it’s a surefire winner.  It may take some of the older adults a little getting used to, but I find the lack of an uninhibited and gigantic (the whole wall) drawing surface area to probably allow for some significant ideas-in-progress conference sessions.


Or, at least create a few new Picassos….

Learn more about IdeaPaint at their website.

(pssst….. patent pending)

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