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I am late in finding out about this DWR-commissioned Airstream trailer. It seems everyone else reported on this in Spring 2007. Well, I just found it and I’m still impressed. It also reminded me to look up some cool images of that trippy airline from the 60s, Braniff International. I caught a few pictures a while back and the colorful retro style was great. This picture of the Airstream interior made me think of the Braniff planes. And I know why… there’s a picture (7 photos down) of Herman Miller-designed striped upholstery on this page that is similar to the striped upholstery in the Airstream.


Of course, both forms of transportation are clad in aluminum. However, while the silver color is a main selling point for the trailer, the colorful painted aluminum planes were what got people talking.

Braniff airplanes were rarely white. In fact, one of their slogans was "The End of the Plain Plane." Throughout the years that they were in the sky, the planes were painted in yellow, lavender, red, and every other color of the rainbow. And in 1973 and 75, they were painted in multiple rainbow hues according to custom designs by commissioned artist, Alexander Calder.

Dfwterm Calder_default

For more information and photos, try The Braniff Pages*, a comprehensive site on Braniff, which chronicles the company’s colors, fashions, and it’s influence on the media and American life. Don’t forget to check out the section on the Pucci years, with Emilio Puccis innovative uniform designs and Alexander Girards colorful graphic designs for the company. Girard designed over 17,000 items for the airline, even including the sugar packets used on flights.

Images: Airstream, Andrew Stiffler via Braniff International

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