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Header_left Based in London, 100% Design is the UK’s leading contemporary interiors event for the contract market, attracting key manufacturers, star designers and major specifiers from the UK and overseas. There is no other show that connects the worlds of architecture and design with innovative, contemporary interior products, creativity and an exciting mix of new and established talent.  Set to begin September 18-21st, Tom Dixon is the shows Creative Director.

Lots of yummy stuff comes out of the show, some we’ve seen before, but much is new to the home furnishings and/or contract market.  For me, it’s a great replacement for wetting my forefinger and sticking it in the air to see which way the wind is blowing and obviously a little more reliable.

Glancing through some of the new product listings I found this, the Slide Couch, from a new collaborative design cohort, Mark Product.  It’s available for both the contract and home furnishings market and the fill depends on the end use.


Look at those great arm rests meant to be used like end tables for studying or eating, as well as a new and improved headrest.  So simple, so sleek, so functional.  I have no pricing on it, don’t know when it’s available or where, as 100% Design is its first launch, but you can get contact information at their website, here.

Another sneak peak from U.K. based designer, Benjamin Hubert, is the diamond chair, one out of the six pieces launching at 100% futures as part of his "material centric" collection:


More about the collection and Benjamin here.

And in general much more to come!

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  1. The Deco Detective

    Sep 16, 2008 at 12:56 am

    I like the colours of the diamond chairs. The blue and cerise ones are just so 80’es I could laugh!!

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