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i can’t say that i spend all that much time outside here in dubai in july/august – lounging by the pool for all of 15 minutes would require SPF 500, an umbrella, 3 fans, a case of 1 ltr. water bottles and fog-free sunglasses, being that humidity hit 66% yesterday…but in true dubai culture, we are so in-the-know about all things luxury, cool, new and well, luxury. did i mention that already?
the 2008 dubai hotel show brought in all the modern and exciting outdoor furniture & lighting that i am sure we will see in the ever-expanding numbers of hotels opening up here, hoping to be the most cool, most modern, most luxe, most unique – and i am not going to say we won’t be seeing them in the backyards of some wealthy home owners here too…
check out some of the show stoppers and, in my humble opinion, most impractical (yet equally dreamy) creations in outdoor living!


note:: i can’t find the images of all the objects but if you can somehow get your hands on one of my fave mags, identity through motivate publishing in the uae, you can catch up on all the great items on display at the show, including the 127 milno rocker by woold (from montpelier, south france) and a great butterfly/flower lighting inspiration by esther moreno! if i am able to get some images later on, i will get them up here :)

enjoy the rest…
tables by gandia blasco

beanbag by fatboy

candle lighting by gandia blasco

chair by gandia blasco

cube light by gandia blasco

chair by ego of paris

chair by gandia blasco

beach tipi and tipi lighting by gandia blasco

pic nic by gandia blasco

kokoon for royal botanica by oliver le pousec

daybed by gandia blasco

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