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Design Code: The Design-à-Porter concept

Categories: Modern Decor + Objects, Sustainability



Design Code is a design studio from Spain.  Their top selling product is this packaging lamp:  Flamp Noir. They also got it on white, by the way.  The interesting thing about them is the Design-à-Porter concept.  That means, all the products got to be nice, easy to handle and eco friendly.  "Let´s make beautiful pieces, that use a little space, give a great experience to the user and for a little price." It sound perfect to me.

Eco-friendly can be glamorous and functional at the same time…
why not?

Meet the other products of Design Code here.

Via Sencha.

One Comment to "Design Code: The Design-à-Porter concept"

  1. Modern lighting is all the rage now. It can really turn a room around in the flick of a switch. I prefer the lighting from Officedesigns.com. Its all very modish looking but also energy saving. They’re having a sale today, so if you are looking to find a mid-century classic piece or whatnot, just type in “save75″ in the promocode section and get $75 off.

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