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we bought a wonderful piece of art a few months back, one of our first big purchases during our travels here to dubai – an untitled piece by an artist from beirut by the name of george bassil...i adore him and his pieces (we are in the market for a new one right now, we have a few hanging on our wall taking a test drive!) BUT i am also on the look out for more…what’s the word – graphic? quirky? pop? colorful? abstract? – well, whatever the word is, there is something about more graphic pieces versus fine arts pieces, that typically draws me in. 

well, i think i found my new found love, and it is symbolic while being something for the masses – it is called DNA Art by DNA 11.  and when i say symbolic, i mean it symbolizes YOU – literally.  they do dna, fingerprints and even kisses – so it is interpretation imaging of your purest essence.  beautiful.

i love how modern and cool we all have the potential of being…as they say, beauty comes from within – truly!


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