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Daily Archives: July 28, 2008

Road trip Pt. 8- Vegas, Baby, Vegas

Categories: Local + Travel
Road trip Pt. 8- Vegas, Baby, Vegas

What would a roadtrip be without a stop in Las Vegas? Since I lacked the funds to actually gamble in the casinos, I focused my attention on the designs, specifically the lights. In the Wynn, I found a lovable floral pattern that ran through out the entire casino and hotel, — Continue reading

Beijing’s Olympic Garden

Categories: Architecture + Interiors, Art + Graphics, Local + Travel, News + Events + Contests, Sustainability
Beijing's Olympic Garden

In preparation for the 2008 Summer Olympics Beijing has festooned the grounds with lush sculptures portraying a greener version of China than we’re used to seeing. But artful topiary design is no replacement for creating a cleaner city at its height of pollution. Read the full article.


Categories: Modern Decor + Objects

I love this fun birthday card from Amy Smyth… so witty! I have entirely too many people to gift this one to. Check out her new line right here.

Home art idea!

Categories: Art + Graphics
Home art idea!

Most people have been to art museums and galleries multiple times and seen the amazing transformation that occurs between exhibits. Have you ever thought about giving your own home the chance to transform as easily? Art gallery hanging systems, sometimes called museum hanging wall systems, come in a variety of — Continue reading

From eco-design to design-art: Design Now!

Categories: Architecture + Interiors, Modern Decor + Objects, Sustainability
From eco-design to design-art:  Design Now!

From Taschen. $39.99.  566 pgs."Not only an in-depth exploration of contemporary design practice, this book is also a rallying call for a more sustainable approach to product design of every type, from lighting and furniture design to consumer electronic equipment, transportation, product architecture, and environmental design. Visually stunning and highly — Continue reading