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Daily Archives: July 1, 2008

Who is Arturo Alvarez?

Arturo Alvarez is an artist and designer based in Galicia, a remote region in the northwest corner of Spain. Although most lighting from Spain comes from the east coast of the country (Barcelona or Valencia), Galicia has a tradition and culture of fine artisan craftsmanship. In 1995, Arturo became fascinated — Continue reading

Lights Up Lamp Winner Announced!!!

Categories: News + Events + Contests

Congratualtions! The winner of the 2Modern.com Light Me Up Contest is (drum role): Liv:"It must be my lucky day…I was just googling design blogs and I found this one with a contest front and center. Fabulous lamps!! Feel free to choose me :) I have a new (old) house to — Continue reading

Water Mark

Categories: Modern Decor + Objects, Sustainability
Water Mark

Everything counts when it comes to doing things that positively impact our planet. Not even showers are exempt–especially long ones that tend to be wasteful and indulgent. If you”re finding it hard to curve your appetite for an extended stay under the soothing downpour, then at least switch to the — Continue reading

Road Trip Pt. 4 — Modern Inspirations

Categories: Art + Graphics, Fashion + Trends, Local + Travel
Road Trip Pt. 4 -- Modern Inspirations

Here I am, writing this post from a coffee shop in New Orleans. While in town, me and my travel buddies have been staying with one of their brother and his friends, whose lifestyle resembles that of the modern day Merry Pranksters. Their styles are what Urban Outfitters and the — Continue reading

Scary Man-formation

Categories: Art + Graphics
Scary Man-formation

This is beautiful and absolutely horrifying at the same time! 57 men will die by falling from a cliff ?! —sdotg—