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Work by Icelandic-Danish Artist Olafur Eliasson is all over New York City this Spring and Summer. Currently showing at MoMA and PS1 Contemporary Art Center, Take Your Time is an exhibition exploring  the cognitive aspects of the sense of sight using light, prisms, water and, the case of his photographs, time and motion. One of the most remarkable exhibits is the 360° room for all colours,  which allows the visitor to experience the physiological and psychological effects of the changing color spectrum. As the colors change from red through magenta, fuchsia to shades of blue you feel different emotions, happy, sad, bewildered but also warm or chilly. In Ventilator, which occupies the huge Marron Atrium at MoMa, a swinging fan suspended above the visitors’ heads sends them ducking and scurrying for cover.


Opening later this month his New York City Waterfalls is a series of four art installations on the East River in New York organized in collaboration with Public Art Fund and the City of New York, who hope to generate millions of tourist dollars from visitors while highlighting the revitalization of the waterfront .


Designed as an eco-friendly sustainable resource, water will be pumped from the river to the top of 90-120ft high scaffolds from where it will
cascade back down to the river. At dusk low-level lighting will be
switched on to illuminate the towers. By presenting the usually horizontal river in a dramatic vertical form, Eliasson hopes The Waterfalls "will give people the possibility to reconsider their
relationships to the spectacular surroundings" evoking "experiences that are both individual and enhance a sense of


Best seen from the river itself, tours are offered by Circle Line Boats, but all four structures can be viewed from the  South Street Seaport in lower Manhattan.

New York City Waterfalls runs from June 26th through October 13th 2008 from 7am-10pm.

Take Your Time runs through June 30
The Museum of Modern Art

11 West 53rd Stree, New York, NY
P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center
22-25 Jackson Avenue
Long Island City

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