Jot this down…

…and if you don’t have a pencil to use, just grab one from this quirky (and I mean QUIRKY!) bench by Boex 3D Creative Solutions (www.boex.co.uk).  The design from this bench stems from a challenge to transform an everyday office object into a piece of furniture – and it seems to be gaining some interest, as it has already won some prestigious awards…the seat it made up of 1600 pencils which are individually sprung, and don’t worry – the eraser side it up!
FYI – I wasn’t kidding in the beginning when I mentioned grabbing on of the pencils, apparently Boex designed it for the option of removing and of the pre-sharpened pencils should you need one at a moments’ notice.  Well done Boex.  Next up – paper-clip tables.  (Not a bad idea actually, I can see it now….)


Here are some other really cool things from Boex….

A curtain made from an old sail – smart and environmental!


Portable exhibition….genius!


And some interiors….



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