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Starting at the beginning of this year, Dubai instated green building standards and concepts without exception, following in the footsteps of Abu Dhabi which began looking at such initiatives in 2006. Here are a few buildings that are making the mark in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi…and a great POSIT studio/dubai building that gives a whole new meaning to bringing the “outdoors in.”

Abu Dhabi sees it’s first carbon-neutral car-free zero waste city called Masdar by architecture great Norman Foster and his firm, Foster + Partners. It is simply an amazing feat for anywhere in the world, and even more so for the highest hydrocarbon-producing nation on Earth! And with the assistance of MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, the UAE once again brings the world together for a great cause, claiming stake as a nation with international eyes with MIT’s help in establishing Masdar Institute, a technology driven cutting-edge research and education engine…go green!



Dubai sees a few things going on as well…first, DubioTech was claimed to possibly be the world’s largest green building/headquarters – Dubai is never to reach low…we all know they love biggest, longest and tallest. Whether or not it in fact is the largest, what we do know is that it helps in putting Dubai on the eco-friendly map with refreshing design concepts in conjunction with addressing strict environmental concerns.


Dubai’s Lighthouse is set to be a prototype for the region as a low-carbon high-rise. By hoping to lower energy consumption by 65% and water consumption by 40%, and employing integrated wind turbines and photovoltaic panels, The Lighthouse will hopefully be the first of many towers of it’s kind…


On a grander note, and more in line with Masdar in Abu Dhabi, HH Sheikh Mohamed bin Rashid al Maktoum, Ruler of Dubai announced the newest endeavor, Sheikh Mohamed bin Rashid Gardens – set to be the regions lowest density city (within the city) and with a goal to cut water consumption by up to 45%, amongst many other green initiatives.


I am proud to be living here right now…it is amazing to see a nation build from the ‘sand’ up and be part of world history. On a global level, every nation has it’s barriers and issues it needs to break free from and better, but I can say that the UAE and Dubai at large really do set goals, reach high and gain acclaim with the best of intentions – and mean what they say and work hard to achieve those goals better than expected.

Now, onto a topic close to my heart, my husband’s success with POSIT studio/dubai is quick-moving and their reputation speaks for itself in such a short time, being asked to take part in hugely influential projects in the last few months, many to hopefully go forward quite soon…so, take a look at their NEW SITE and check out their project, Seddiqi Tower in Meydan City. It is beautifully developed, green in nature and literally brings the outdoors in, with arbor floors and green roofs. Brilliant, clean, crisp, well thought-out and seamlessly integrates into the surroundings – something you don’t always find here in Dubai. Well done. We’ll be watching…


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