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The art of seating…Roche Bobois & Missoni::

Categories: Modern Decor + Objects

Can we just say the French & the Italians rule?!?!?!

Roche-Bobois Paris and Missoni Home Fabrics have teamed up to provide this explosion of color:
It is the Mah-Jong sofa covered in the bright & patterned colors of Missoni! Genius!



First I love the fact that it is floor seating and yet still feels like a sofa you can lounge on…
Second, how great would a martini night on these awesome floor cushions be? That is of course, if floor lounging is something you are comfortable with.

Warning: peeps with knee and back problems need not buy!

Warm, stunning, colorful, playful, modern, chic, what more can we say? Roche-Bobois has moved from black leather and chrome (remember those days???) to this! We love!!!

Here is some other low seating from Roche-Bobois that we are loving right now too…Enjoy!



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5 Comments to "The art of seating…Roche Bobois & Missoni::"

  1. Looks great, love the different fabrics with different pattern!!

  2. This is truly amazingly looking colors, but I really doubt someone would want that piece for life :) Except some crazy hippie from 60s of course

  3. Where can I buy???

  4. Where can I buy this Moroccan cushion seating?

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