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Images6_4Genuine reds bring out sexual energy and stimulation. Reds like candy apple and cherry are used to create a sense of adolescence, liveliness and cheerfulness. Jeweled tones are considered more elegant while rose and cabernet tones are more dignified. No mater what shade, red is definitely an authoritative color.

The body has physiological responses to the color red. It causes an increase in blood pressure, it makes the heart rate rise faster and releases adrenaline into the blood stream. The taste buds become sensitive and the sense if smell improves.Images7_3

In truth most people are a little nervous to paint an entire room red. It isn’t a color for the faint hearted. If painting red walls are a little too aggressive for your taste, try using red as an accents color.



Danielle Hirsch
Paint Contractor & Color Expert
Host/Co-host HGTV Color Splash

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