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P_aurora_full Aurora

The only thing I ever thought to do with my colored pencils was to color things. I most definitely did not open my mind to possibilities, which is exactly what artist Jennifer Maestre has done. Inspired by the spines of sea urchins, she has created striking works of art with little more than vast quantities of the same pencils I used in my college art classes. Unlike my first thought, these are not glued or nailed together, but instead drille and sewn together using a peyote stitch beading technique. You can check out the sculptures in her portfolio and her smaller sculptures and jewelry in her Etsy shop. She is represented by the Mobilia Gallery in Cambridge, MA.

P_heat_wave_full_2 Heat wave P_luna_1_full Luna

P_asteridae_full Asteridae

Il_430xn25802278 Flaming W pendant, $38

Il_430xn26273392 Hot Drops earrings, $38

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