Oh, To Live In A Glass House

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You may have noticed; as much of the consumer buying public did, that clothing company J.Crew placed the photoshoot for their last catalog on the immaculate grounds of the Richard Neutra-designed Kaufmann Desert house.

Pg67c_2 Kaufmann Desert House

If you didn’t get enough modern design love from that, there are a few more design gems from that period in architecture that are still standing.

Philip Johnson Glass House

This building, known as Da Monsta, is the visitor center at the Philip Johnson Glass House site. The site also includes numerous constructions by Johnson in a few different styles.

The National Trust for Historic Preservation has acquired two new modern-era designed buildings, the Philip Johnson-designed Glass House and the Ludwig Mies van der Rohe Farnsworth House. Both houses can be seen in this month’s (May/ June) issue of the organization’s Preservation magazine which discusses a new appreciation of Modernism in terms of architecture and the need for on-going protection.

47279b_farnsworth1 Farnsworth House

Other modern masterpieces around the country include:

Kingsroad1922 A Rudolf Schindler House

Philip Lovell House

Pierre Koenig Case Study Home

Photos from Time Magazine and Moma.org.

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