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nina van de goor.

Categories: Modern Decor + Objects

You probably recognize the name from the latest issue of Inspiration, the eZine (p.s. Issue #4 will be released tomorrow at Design for Mankind!!!), where this photo of Nina’s home nook left me itching for more of her fabulousness.

Never one to disappoint, Nina has opened her very own Etsy shop TODAY,
filled to the brim with her beautifully crafted ceramics. At just
$36-$38, these pieces are a TOTAL steal if you’re a lover of handmade

Congratulations on the exciting news, Nina; I can’t wait to see your new business bloom! :)

One Comment to "nina van de goor."

  1. Oh these bowls are wonderful! What a fun display it would be to have colorful baubles placed in different sized ones on a shelf or credenza somewhere.

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