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Leave Your Foot Print

Categories: Fashion + Trends


Be one of two winners to leave your personal signature, quite literally, in urban fashion.  Dr. Martens is having their annual competition to create a design for the next line of Dr. Martens.  We all wore them at one point in our adolescent life, hung out with someone who did or still wear them because you’ve broken them in so badly you can’t imagine replacing them.  Well, there’s something to be said for a company that lingers for decades solely on  their laced-up boots! 

The competition allows you to create a design of your own, using pens, paint, various fonts, spray cans, symbols and images off your own computer. It even allows your to break in the leather with a lighter to give it an aged look. 

The reason there are two winners, is one will be selected by visitors to their site and the other will be selected by a group of professional designers within the company.

The great thing is it’s free and you can design as many as your heart desires. You could be the next winner!!!

(currently in the 4th spot)


(currently in the 18th spot)


2 Comments to "Leave Your Foot Print"

  1. You cannot wear this shoes in daily use.

  2. Yes you absolutely can wear them, they will make them for you and it will be out in the stores. Do you mean they won’t match with everything? well, that’s personal preference.

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