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Willow dress, $754

I have fallen in love with a clothing boutique in Seattle, Washington called Impulse. The clothes they carry are beautiful, mostly practical and a few fanciful. However, I think all of the lines they carry share a similar aesthetic of  being luxuriant, comfortable, modern, and extremely wearable.

Nomia dress, $346

Plesner dress, $278

They carry international lines such as Isabel Marant, APC, Willow, United Bamboo, Plesner, Nomia, Rachel Comey and others that are extremely easy to wear while still being stylish and sometimes extremely innovative, such as their sweaters by  Junya Watanabe and Future Classic.

Nomia dress, $298

United Bamboo shorts, $278

In my opinion, most of their selected designs remind me of the attractive elegance of early American clothing designer Claire McCardell. If there is a designer that created attractive, comfortable, and practical sportswear for women, then it was her. From her suits to her sundresses, I could see myself wearing everything she ever created. Even the few remaining copies of the patterns she created for McCall’s Patterns are going for $175 on eBay and the like.

H2_clarie45712ab     Claire2_3

Impulse also maintains a Flickr group showing their merchandise.

Go there. I dare you.

Extra: Another company that shares the aesthetic but is not carried by Impulse is Lyell. I just couldn’t leave them out so you can find their designs here.

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