Modernity in Hamburg: ADA 1 by Juergen Mayer H.

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Hamburg, is the biggest port of Germany and one of the biggest in Europe. Lately it has seen a steady number of interestingly designed buildings take place proudly among older establishments. Many though tend to fall into cliché territory. Not so the ADA 1 office building by Jürgen Mayer H.


Situated near the banks of the Alster river, ADA 1 looks like a combination of a typical office building and liquid, organic curves. It references the flowing river as well as establishing a relationship with it through the views one can enjoy from the building.


The architect named the round, elliptical windows "floating eyes"; they certainly look like they can move on the façade. They pinpoint the meeting rooms for the offices inside, their liquid forms a characteristic of Mayer’s architecture.


The architect won a competition for this building almost a year and a half ago, and has managed to realize it without many deviations from the original plans, if any.  We can see the curves from the outside continue inside the office spaces, accentuating walls or furniture.


White is predominant here, making the big spaces look austere but fresh and modern: no staid business look here. Rather a reflection of the architect’s whimsy and elegance.


Even on the surrounding area, the curves still play a big part: lawns and seating areas are defined by them, connecting them aestetically with the interiors and the facade. Unmistakably Mayer, an office block that can hardly go unnoticed, even in a city with many new additions to its architectural list every year.


J. MAYER H. Architects
project team: Juergen Mayer H., Hans
Schneider, Wilko Hoffmann, Andre Santer, Sebastian Finckh, Marta
Ramírez Iglesias, Georg Schmidthals, Marcus Blum
    competition team: Juergen Mayer H., Jan-Christoph Stockebrand, Marcus Blum, Klaus Küppers, Hans Schneider

Invited competition 2005, 1st Prize
    Project: 2005-2007
    Completion: 2007
    Client: Cogiton Projekt Alster GmbH, Hamburg


Architect on Site: Imhotep, Donachie und Blomeyer, Architekturbuero Franke
    Structural Engineers: Lydia Thiesemann, CBP
    Building Services: Energiehaus, Sineplan
    Light Engineers: Andres – Lichtplanung
    Landscape Architects: Breimann & Bruun


Photographer: fotografieSchaulin, Hiepler Brun

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  1. design snob

    Apr 26, 2008 at 8:48 am

    That is straight from the future. Awe-inspiring indeed.

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