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It seems that there’s a trend developing in the modern design world: to reduce living space as efficiently as possible, preferably to a size where it can be transported easily be one person. Two examples of this have recently made headlines in the media. One from Asia and the other European.


In Japan Trunk Station is a trunk on wheels that becomes a home office or even a sewing center when it’s upended and opened. One side is a bookcase and the other has a fold-out desk with pre-drilled holes for wires and cables.


Available in red, black, white or maple melamine,  it still looks like a piece of office furniture even when closed and measuring approximately 36” W x 24”D x 47”H it would be difficult to disguise or store away. 


Still, there is a lot of functional space inside and if you have the necessary 198,000 yen or nearly $1900 you can wheel it home now.


While the Casulo (it’s name is Portugese for cocoon) is as yet just a prototype, it has generated a lot of buzz across Europe. Developed in Germany it packs in even more than the Trunk Station, Casulo is an entire room that fits inside a suitcase.


The trunk measures much the same size but it contains a bed, bookcase,
filing cabinets, stools and the suitcase itself becomes a closet thanks
to magnetic clothes hangers. Not only ingenious, this room in a
suitcase is also aesthetically pleasing with clean, modern lines.

Taking only 7 minutes to change from box to bedroom, the Casulo is completely drama-free; no tools are required for assembly and the storage box will support 440lbs in weight. The room in a box is designed for students or those who move frequently.

As it’s not yet in production the designers have no idea of price, but it does take the concept of flat-pack furniture to a whole new level.

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  1. Valentina Herrera

    Mar 4, 2008 at 3:19 pm

    Awesome! I want a new compact office. I like the first one, is very easy to clean the floor with it.

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