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mateo ilasco journals.

Categories: Modern Decor + Objects

I’m so so oddly drawn to these journals ($36 from Beklina),
which is odd to me b/c I’m not normally an Ikat girl. I love to look at
it, but when it comes to bringing it into my home, I can NEVER make it
work. Ever.

But this? This I would bring into my home, my bathroom, my office, my car AND my kitchen.

if you invited me over, I’d bring it into YOUR home, too. And your
bathroom, but that’s b/c I’d make little notes in it while I was
sitting on the pot.

Pardon the visual.
[Originally posted on Design for Mankind].

One Comment to "mateo ilasco journals."

  1. she’s so creative!
    i got to meet her briefly last year at dwr in san francisco.

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